About Emily Foshee

Ever since she was a child, Emily Foshee has had a love for writing and an uncanny understanding of how to communicate. Emily began writing plays in the 3rd grade, and she carried her love of writing through college, graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism and Public Relations.

Emily has worked with many high profile organizations in PR management roles, including Centex, Pizza Hut, The National Geographic Society and Sprint. Through the implementation of sound PR strategies, Emily helped her employers increase market share and ROI, expand customer retention and increase competitive differentiation. Today, Emily combines the power of the written word with thorough psychographic research to create precise customer profiles. This information helps her write compelling, persuasive copy that results in increased profitability, enhanced corporate image, and improved customer retention.

While at Centex, one of the nation’s largest homebuilders, Emily was responsible for overseeing the creation of the company’s print, direct mail and radio advertising. Because purchasing a home is initially an emotional decision typically made by the wife, Emily took great care to ensure the ads targeted the woman’s emotional triggers and encouraged them to purchase the home. The result: increased share of market. At Pizza Hut, Emily co-directed a national public relations campaign with the National Geographic Society celebrating the contributions pre-teens, a major target market, made to their communities. This campaign created increased customer awareness, improved corporate image and ultimately market share.

Emily is committed to professional development, and serves as vice president of the Dallas Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America. She also is on the board of the Dallas Ad League, one of the largest advertising leagues in the nation.

She loves to cook, travel, and take pictures of the amazing world around her. Emily lives in Dallas, Texas, with her beautiful daughter and their four dogs.

"Because I am your target market, I can put my parenting insights and corporate PR/copywriting background to work for you, and write copy that sells. If you need to talk with me right away, call me at 214-642-3417. To learn more about me, click here to reach my services page. Whatever you do, don’t forget to order my FREE REPORT.

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